Apple Failed to Fix iPhone Teen Lost at Sea


Apple had asked to unlock the iPhone belonged to one of the teenagers were missing, Austin Stephanos, which crashed into the sea in July last year. And, it seems the harga xiaomi mi4 effort was not fruitless.

Apple’s technical team while reportedly not been able to revive the iPhone belongs to one of a teenager who was lost at sea. It is not surprising, given the Apple handset has been at sea for eight months.

The forensic team has been sent Apple phone in April 2015, when the Norwegian ship rediscover teen boat lost in Bermuda, and found the iPhone in the storage. Then they took the iPhone 6 is in the boat storage, and components are cleaned with chemicals, then try to turn it but failed, as reported by Phone Arena, Friday (13/05/2016).

Even so, parents of teenagers who were lost at sea remains expressed his gratitude for the hard work of Apple. “We learned yesterday, Apple did as far as they can to make the iPhone Austin (teenager missing) back to work. As Apple suggest, the first xiaomi mi4 step in the process of obtaining information that might help find out what happened to their owners. For Apple’s efforts are working hard tirelessly to try to help us, we are very grateful, “said one of the teenager’s father was missing.


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